5 Bad Habits that Can Ruin Your Beauty

There are a lot of things we normally do that can have significant effects on our beauty and health.

The food we eat and the lifestyle we lead can have positive as well as detrimental effects on our body.

There are many aspects of our daily life that can actually ruin our health and beauty. 

Here are five of them.

1. Wearing Too Much Makeup

Makeup enhances the look of any lady.

However, excessive makeup on a daily basis can damage your skin significantly and cause long-term health problems.

Remove all traces of makeup from your skin before going to bed every night.

2. Ignoring Your Toe Nails

Many women go for expensive manicures to trim and shape their nails.

But they usually focus on hand nails and forget about toenails.

If you don’t pay enough attention to your toenails, you may expose them to fungal infection.

It’s important to take good care of your toenails.

3. Talking Endlessly on the Phone

A lot of ladies speak for hours on their smartphones.

Our smartphones accumulate a lot of dirt and bacteria and cause skin irritations and allergies, ruining our facial appearance.

Smartphones also emit harmful radiation that may lead to cancer in the long run.

Avoid talking on the phone for more than thirty minutes at a time.

4. Shampooing Too Often

Shampoos contain harmful chemicals that can lead to hair loss and premature balding.

Don’t shampoo frequently, clean your hair occasionally; two or three times a week.

You can also make use of organic products that are less harmful to your hair.

5. Skipping Meals

Are you on a strict diet?

Excessive dieting can have negative effects on your health, making you look older and your skin wrinkled.

When dieting, ensure you include enough Vitamin C (oranges), Vitamin E (avocados), Vitamin B3 (peanuts) and Vitamin A (sweet potatoes) to ensure healthier and glowing skin.

These are a few bad habits that can ruin your beauty.

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