5 Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Make Up

Makeup can transform your face but it depends on how you do it. You can look flawless if it’s done correctly or bad if poorly done.

Here is a list of mistakes to avoid while doing your makeup.

1.Washing Your Face a Lot

lady washing face

The first mistake to avoid is washing your face too many times. Although it’s good to apply makeup to a clean face, you don’t need to overdo it.

Over washing will make your face dry and difficult for applying makeup. It strips off the natural oils of your skin and may cause pimples.

2.Applying Makeup Without Moisturizing/Primer

After washing your face, don’t just apply makeup to it. The result will be uneven.

Apply a moisturizer before makeup. It will give your face a better appearance.

You can also apply a primer to even out your face and make the application of makeup smooth and easy.

3.Using the Wrong Lighting

pic of makeup light

If you do makeup in poor lighting, you won’t get the desired result.

Use a good lighting system while doing your makeup. After making up, check your face in natural light.

4.Using too Much Concealer and Foundation

There is still a debate about using concealer or foundation first. However, concealing blemishes after applying a foundation makes more sense.

Nevertheless, using too much of either one makes your face look cakey and unnatural. Know how much foundation and concealer to use and when to stop. Make sure to use the correct shade of foundation otherwise it will only highlight the concerned areas.

5.Sleeping With Makeup on

lady sleeping with makeup

One of the most common mistakes people make is to sleep with makeup on. Let your skin breathe while you are sleeping.

Even when you are really tired make sure to remove your makeup otherwise the chances of getting acne or pimples are high and your skin will look dry and flaky.

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