Apricot Kernel Oil


Apricot kernel oil is refined from the dried kernels of the apricot fruit and has high vitamin E content.

It is a cold-pressed oil that contains pure nutrients, which makes it good for consumption and regular use. It has a pleasant nutty odor and is rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid, both of which are unsaturated fats

Apricot kernel oil is cultivated in the Mediterranean and Central Asia.

Kernel means seed and the oil has many health benefits.

Dry Skin

Dry or irritated skin can be very uncomfortable and if it is left untreated it can crack and get infected.

Apricot kernel oil is light, fresh, and is rich in fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid which helps the oil seep into the skin, keeping it elastic and supple.


Applying apricot kernel oil on your scalp ensures that the scalp has a tight grip on hair follicles which helps in repairing split ends and slows down hair loss.

The oil helps to seal and moisturize the hair by protecting it from dryness and harsh elements.

It prevents premature greying and reduces dandruff.

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are often the cause of embarrassment and can make you look older.

The anti-inflammatory properties in apricot kernel oil work as a natural brightener for dark circles and reduce eye puffiness.

Skin Moisturizer

Apricot kernel oil boosts hydration in the skin and makes it look supple and evenly toned.

Using the oil on elbows, knees, feet, and hands will not only exfoliate the skin but also make the skin soft, smooth, and moisture-retaining.

Massage Oil

Since ancient times massaging has been an integral part of health care and so using apricot kernel oil for massage has immense therapeutic value.

It enhances the benefits of a massage by promoting blood circulation in the body, which helps in reducing stress pain, and inflammation.

Since this oil is mild it can soothe inflamed skin and also protect wounds from infection.


As a person ages, the skin on the face, neck, hands, and forearms starts sagging causing wrinkles.

Massaging apricot kernel oil on the skin repairs and regenerates skin cells. Vitamin A and vitamin E in the oil nourish the skin and diminish the fine lines by soothing it and slowing down the aging process.

Applying sunscreen is very important to protect the skin against damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.


Apricot kernel oil acts as a sunscreen that helps in protecting the skin against harsh UV rays.

The oil also helps in many other ways: it stimulates the production of collagen, promotes cell production, lightens unwanted blemishes and dark spots, and balances the skin tone to create an even glow.

Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner can help in removing tangles from the hair strands and keep the hair soft and smooth.

Apricot kernel contains significant amounts of omega-6 fatty acids and can be used as a leave-in conditioner on damp hair to seal the moisture and keep the hair hydrated and soft.


Arthritis is a disease that occurs slowly over a period of time causing inflammation, pain, and stiffness in the joints.

The oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing arthritis symptoms by soothing and easing stiffness to improve flexibility.

It also controls blood clotting on the skin.

Foot care

The feet are the most neglected body part. It is important to take care of the feet just like the rest of the body, otherwise, the skin on the feet can crack.

Apricot kernel oil is a natural moisturizer that penetrates into the skin and keeps the soles, heels, and toes soft, smooth and free of roughness.

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