Chebe Butter

Chebe Butter is a traditional hair growth remedy from Chad, West Africa. The women of Chad have used it for generations to increase hair growth. It is also used to moisturize and strengthen hair.


Chebe Butter Benefits

• It helps to increase hair strength

• Helps to increase and retain hair moisture 

• Prevents excessive hair shedding

• Prevents hair breakage

How to Use

• Use as a hair mask and cover with cap. Let it sit for one hour or more, then rinse it out

• Leave in hair before twist out or braid out

• Leave in hair before braiding and installing sew-in extensions, or before covering with a wig

40 Days Hair Growth Challenge

Apply every 4-5 days for 40 consecutive days.

You’ll un-braid section by section; spray leave-in and apply Chebe Butter.  

After completion, you can use a clarifying shampoo to cleanse your hair, treat your hair, and style as you wish.




125ml R150.00
250ml R250.00
500ml R350.00